Monday, 20 March 2017


Words: Taryn Bester | Photographs: Danielle Cloete from DanniC Photography | Styling: Taryn Bester

Hey Beautiful People 

It's a start of a brand new week and I think I should start it off with a brand new look. I am being my usual ambitious self (a "beesy bee") and prepared this post 15 hours ago, just in-case this week decides to go extremely retro on me and life happens. I also have a few pre-scheduled exciting occasions and events coming up this week like celebrating my three year anniversary with Justin, loads of assignment due dates (which is not exciting ....oops), setting out outfits for fashion week, then attending the actual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town and the list goes on...

I wore this outfit the other evening when Justin and I went to the Galileo (Open Air Cinema)  while the weather was still fine lol. I paired one of my old time favourite lace skirt's along with this pink polo neck to keep with the romantic trend. It's totally taking control right now along with a few other key trends like the pink shade which you can read about in my previous post. The ballet look is also totally on point and something I love, because if it is all paired well together it creates an effortless dreamy look. Often I feel that when certain fashion trends appear that it shouldn't be paired together all in one look, but with this I beg to differ. My reason for this is that all these soft elements compliment each other and if minimal accessories are added it allows you to look chic and comfortable in flats. I added a biker leather jacket to add some edge and ultimately keep covered from the Cape Town evening chill. 
Items Featured: Pink Polo Neck- TheFix, White Skirt: Forever New, Ballet Lace-up flats - TheFix and Watch- Typo

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With Love Light and Blessings 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Words: Taryn Bester | Photographs: Danielle Cloete from DanniC Photography | Styling: Taryn Bester
Hey BeesyBees!

Happy Wednesday and how happy are we for the showers of blessings in the Mother City? I am sure this brought a positive start and feeling to the day for most of us living in the Cape after waiting and praying for some rain.

Yesterday, I attended the Bolton Footwear Media Day (read here) and wore this little number. It was held at the De Waal Park and I thought that this dress would be perfect for a picnic vibe, but still keep my look stylish.


To me this dress leans towards a rose gold shade, because you cannot really say it’s pink nor can you say it’s dusty-pink or gold…right? This colour has been super on trend for a while and has me lusting over it all the time. My mom gifted me this dress on my birthday last month and I fell in love with it immediately. She always knows exactly what I would like and what I already own in my wardrobe that can be styled with it.  I love that it’s an A-line style dress which works well for a pear shaped body like mine. The skinny belt emphasises my waist and draws more attention to the skinnier part of my body-which its perfect!  Yesterday, I thought of keeping things simple and added a pair of black heels and handbag. In this way I allowed the dress to take all the shine and made getting ready for the day super easy. Lol

Items Featured: Dress-Identity Stores, Handbag-The Fix, Shoes- Gifted and Earings - MRP

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Monday, 20 February 2017


  Words: Taryn Bester | Photographs: Danielle Cloete from DanniC Photography | Styling: Taryn Bester  

Hey Guys!

I am stopping by to leave you with my weekly dose of all things fashion and style, but before we get into that…

Let me give you a brief rundown of what has recently gone down in crazy Miss2BeesyVILLE. Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday which was beautiful and pretty chilled. I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with my family and friends filled with a number of my favourite spoils too. This is exactly what I needed to "unwind, because" if you’re owning your stripes and busy working towards reaching your goals you can become a completely different human being". Therefore, quiet moments like these on a special day helps keep you sane and content.  Last Thursday, I also received some news which was expected, but also in a way unexpected. I was informed that my great grandmother has passed on. Yes, people for a very long time I was one of the lucky few people who still had a grandmother and a great-grandmother. I say that it was expected as she was very ill, but it was also unexpected, because death is never certain, nor is life. But enough of that … let’s speak fashion.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been feeling super relaxed when it comes to dressing up. Anything to slip on and off with no extra admin has been calling my name. Therefore, I have been gravitating towards the athleisure trend as well as sportsluxe and absolutely love it! These trends are perfect for everyday wear and outfits can be matched together with key items you might already own. I "opted for this striped culotte pants which It amazingly comfortable" and can even be worn with a pair of strappy heels for an evening look. This time I decided to style it with a pair of Stan Smiths to keep it even more conformable and less formal, to be able to earn my stripes and roam the streets. 

Items Featured: Shoes- Stan Smith Adidas, Culotte Pants- MRP, Blouse-  A local Vintage store, Bralette – Jockey South Africa by David Tlale, Stacked rings-MRP and OPI on my nails. 

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With love, light and blessings

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


     Words: Taryn Bester | Photographs: Danielle Cloete from DanniC Photography | Styling: Taryn Bester  

Hey Everyone!

I haven’t posted an outfit post since last year and finally got around to shoot this look. So much has happened since my last update over here. 

I don’t even know where to start. From entering the year feeling ill with a terrible stomach bug, having a huge fall out with Justin and then making up again...(how can I not! lol), to my little brother (who is not so "little" anymore) starting high school, to BeyoncĂ© announcing that she is carrying twins! Amongst a whole lot of other occurrences, the golden globes happened too. One of the year’s most glamourous events and because it takes place at the beginning of the year, it sets the tone for red carpet fashion. Please forgive me for only throwing in my two cents about it now, but as mentioned, things started out rough my side. This year yellow popped up a few times and looked absolutely amazing. Actors such as Viola Davis, Reese Witherspoon and Emily Ratajkowski slayed it through and through. Other hot shades was dusty pink and various shades of metallic. I can assure you these are going to remain on trend for the rest of the year. 


I wore this particular dress to my friend’s wedding in Jan and I didn’t only receive a host of sweet compliments, but also it felt great wearing it. I wore this dress on Christmas a few years ago, but the original design made it super difficult for me to take off every time I wore it. I ended up not wearing it for a long time and decided late December last year that something needs to happen. I headed off to a dress maker in my area and she transformed it into this backless dress for only 70 bucks. Now if there’s two things I can tell you today then it’s … every woman needs something backless in her wardrobe and whatever you’re not wearing should either be thrown out, worn or redesigned to your liking. 
On my lips: Revlon Liquid Matte lipstick in Mauve, Shoes: gifted and Earings MRP 

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Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Words: Taryn Bester | Photographs: Justin Smith | Styling: Taryn Bester

Hey guys! Compliments of the season and I hope you enjoying the last few days of 2016. I am officially on holiday and enjoying every moment of it.

However, nobody warned me that it would be super exhausting lol and so much FUN. I am so overwhelmed by everything that I want to do and all the places I would like to visit. Yes, you guessed right! I have no chill whatsoever within in me and I am hoping that I will somewhere along the line sit back and relax. Fortunately, my family and I jetted off on a road trip on Monday and enjoying our summer moments in a small town outside the mother city.  It feels absolutely amazing so see my cousins every day and make new memories that we will treasure forever along with the many other reminiscences we own.


Road tripping can be very tiring and because you have to sit for a long while wearing light, breathable or soft fabric clothing is your best bet. After all, you do not want to be uncomfortable and feel all sticky/sweaty throughout the entire trip. Therefore, I opted for very light cotton skirt and simple patched printed tee. The best part of this skirt is that it looks like denim, but because it’s 100% cotton its light and perfect for a long drive. Wearing breathable clothing is certainly my thing this season and also extremely easy to pack in a medium size travel bag. I paired it with some classic Stan Smiths and in my fabric handbag I packed in my havaianas to slip on later.

I hope that your holidays started with a bang and if I don’t pop-in before New Year’s Eve, please know that I appreciate your support and hope that you have a wonderful 2017. I wish that you will reach new heights and be blessed beyond your wildest imaginations. 
 Items Featured: Skirt and Tee – MRP, Shoes - Stan Smith Adidas, Sunglasses - Vogue from Sunglasshut and Fabric Bag – Cotton On 

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share your holiday thoughts with me.

With Love, Light and Blessings.

Monday, 28 November 2016


Words: Taryn Bester | Photographs: Justin Smith | Styling: Taryn Bester

Hey ladies and Gents!

With all the exams out-of-the-way and the festive period drawing nearer, I have to admit that I am feeling pretty drained. I can’t fathom the fact that it’s almost December and that I soon will have to pick out a Christmas outfit. Gosh! This year I really don’t have any festive feelings, but I guess it’s because I am extremely packed with work to complete before my vacay. Until then, I shall rise and grind! My entire family has also been busy and thankfully we had the opportunity to spend some quality time together yesterday, at the baptism of our new addition to the family. Moments like that makes my heart smile and reminds me how blessed I am.


I hope you are ready, because I am about to bring you a fashion trend that you might have seen in the media or maybe you even wearing it already. If not, hold up let me ask you this. Are you willing to toss out your little black dress for a white one this season? Summer’s biggest trend invites you to slip into a white dress that’s sexy, romantic and versatile. This trend is perfect for that lunch catch up with the girls, evening cocktails or with the correct length you may even wear it to work too.

Sissy Boy Jeans South Africa’s leading denim brand has spotted this trend and designed a whole range of breath taking white dressers. You can style any white dress with a pop of colour by adding a bright pair of heels or accessories. Either way, I can guarantee you that it will turn heads and have all the attention on you without even trying. Shop them from Sissy Boy online, Edgars or a Sissy Boy store closest to you. 
Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great week ahead. 
With Love, Light and Blessings