Thursday, 24 July 2014



 Cause your shoes doesnt have to match your outfit

I honestly don’t know about you but I definitely get board of the same things very easily. I am an absolute sucker for new things and I somehow believe that by doing something different, I get to know a part of myself that I never knew existed. I also have experienced that forcing one’s self out of your comfort zone makes you grow and leads you to your goals a little faster than before.

You’re probably wondering what in havens does this have to do with your look post or what you whore yesterday. Does this chick even know which page she’s on?
Well ladies let me tell you that what you think and how you feel in my opinion shows off in your character. In how you present yourself and in what you are wearing wherever you going. That’s why I became a bit tired of the norms in how I dressed for a while now and definitely made room for changes so OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW. Why stick to the same routine? Why stay with the same hair colour? Why stay with the same lip stick colour? If there are so many options so choose from. Which I am reminded of my pretty basic black blazer, black vest and red pencil skirt and black platform hills.
BUT HELLOO! MY shoes doesn’t have to match what I am wearing nor any other outfit that’s why opted for these leopard print hills. With the cold studded detail at the back I based my accessories on and added the statement necklace. It has the gold detail on in between and added a gold dust watch which should blend in according to me.
So the norm of my shoes has to match my dress or my handbag has to match my shoes is long outdated for me. ;-) 

                                                                           Items featured

Black blazer: Pals Clothing ladies Range

Pencil Skirt: Truworths
Studded Leopard Hills:Rage Shoes
Statement Necklace: A little gift received
Watch :Foschini

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