Wednesday, 27 August 2014



 I often see myself as a daydreamer which makes me think that I probably have some sort of crazy imagination that’s running wild day and night. I often come up with ideas that I even have to question as to how am I going to go about it or how will I be able to convince friends, family and fellow youth  facilitators of my church as to how it will be completed.

Finding an idea or day dreaming happens randomly which I think is the easiest part of it all and reminds of this jumpsuit lol. With just one slip on and one slip off, but becomes a little awkward and difficult when having to use the ladies room in a rush in between a busy schedule. This takes me to that part of having to convince people of the execution of my ideas.

The main factor here is believing that, first of all it will work and secondly believing that there will be somebody with the ability to share the same vision as myself if needed.

                                  Yet what goes hand in hand with believe? 

I would say FAITH and eliminating all elements of fear. 

Having faith In your idea, confidence in yourself and not forgetting to give thanks to your creator.So what’s your definition of believe cause there you just got mine.

Hope you enjoyed reading but I am dying to know what you think about this so leave your comment below.  

With lots of love and smiles!

Black jumpsuit: Truworths
Maroon Hat: Foschini
Statement necklace: Mr Price/MRP
Sunglasses: Vogue from Sunglass Hut  


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