Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Hey everyone!
I hope you are enjoying the fun and festivities of the season. I am certainly slowly easing into holiday mode especially after yesterday's public holiday. Which is bad as I am not to fall into this feeling just yet. I am still awaiting my exam results and still working so basically I am not on holiday yet and should not be celebrating lol.  
However I managed to just have a slight dose of fun at Mexican on Long with Justin (my boyfriend). This was extremely spontaneous and unplanned that I kind of felt a little guilty and did not want to over indulge too much. Mexican on long is basically situated in the heart of Cape Town’s trendiest street (Long Street). It’s mostly known for an amazing menu and also their tequilas that they serve. I personally should add that they have an ice cream bar as well with delicious treats which Justin indulged in on arrival. We got to this restaurant while they were still closed yet we needed a place to work and have a change of scenery. After so many other places in Long Street did not allow us in. Staff at Mexican on Long politely invited us in and offered us a seat on their beautiful balcony. I was impressed with their service right there and then. Our problem was immediately solved as we were able enjoy the view, work, receive excellent service, eat and have fun. This is absolutely priceless!
I would like to go back but definitely in the evening with a few friends. Dressed in a little bodycon dress, flats and some shades. I am convinced it will be all I will ever need for this place as it has a very relaxed atmosphere. I was extremely happy when this complimented my style as I hate feeling under or over dress #truth.
All is well that ends well, but before we left Justin managed to take a couple of shots for you of this restaurant. In case you might need a place to have some drinks at or just a meal this summer. If you going there in the evening for dinner or just sundowners. I would suggest that you keep a pair of hills in your handbag or in the car as you might just want to head down to enjoy the night life in Long Street. (that is if you a girl that dance on hills)…I dunno.  
 Enjoy your holidays and stay safe!

 Bodycon dress: Foschini
Nude Flats: Truworths
Handbag: Polo
Sunglasses: Vogue
Watch: Foschini
Lips: Yardley longwear lips

Pictures by : Justin Smith 

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