Friday, 16 January 2015

A Summer's Sunday Afternoon Drive.

What do you get up to after Sunday Lunch?
Well sit back and read through this post to see what I enjoy doing, especially on a hot summers day.
 honestly don’t know about you but I absolutely love Sunday afternoons. I always seem to have a happy feeling about it however, I think it’s an anti-climax feeling as the next day its back to work and school. The one minute I am happy but as soon as sunset struck then reality hits me and I have to prepare for the next day. This is most often the beginning of a hard working for me.

Yet it has become customary to me to do exciting things after Sunday Lunch whether it is with my entire family or my boyfriend. I also feel that on days like these we have to take advantage of our beautiful city and just enjoy every moment. Justin and I decided as always to just drive with no specific direction in mind yet took the route along Camps Bay Cape Town. Luckily I decided to wear light and soft textures which I think suited my mood that I was in. Which was fitted yet very flowing with this neon pink bodysuit from MRP and a white lace skirt from Forever New. Keeping myself comfy I decided to pair it all with some white and gold gladiator sandals also from MRP. If you read my interview with crazymomjournal blog you might have learned that I love accessoriesJ.  That’s why I opted for a pair of dainty coco channel earrings and my gold brushed guess chain. Keeping it relaxed yet stylish winx.
Justin and I had such a fun time while driving and had a quick pizza at Col'Cacchio in Camps Bay. Thereafter we went over to the beach but as you might know Camps Bay, the water was freezing cold as always.

We decided to head back home but Justin took a short left and drove up to Signal Hill or well a spot just before Signal hill lol. This was absolutely beautiful and a must do for couples or even just friends …if you catch my drift. ;-)

I would love to hear how you spend your Sunday Afternoons and if you do mini road trips around the Cape as well please share your routes with me.


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