Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Inner Me

No , this time around I am not speaking as an accountant but this is what I mean.

Balance ‘’Equals staying in lineament and that’s what Kinesiology can do”
 –Kerry Rowett
About a year ago I just entered into an amazing relationship and friendship with the most wonderful person. We have achieved many goals individually and together with many more that we are still working towards. This meeting or friendship which turned into a relationship was certainly something God had a hand in. We are extremely blessed and reaping many blessings together daily which we are utterly thankful for. Justin Smith, my boyfriend introduced me to one of his friends casually at a wedding we attended last year who is currently practicing to become a professional Kinesiologist. Just there and then without me even knowing my life changed and drifted into a total new stream.

I have been visiting Chandre regularly and have learnt a whole lot more about myself and my life‘s journey. Well if you do not know what  kinesiology is allow me to explain some more in my own words as I don’t think there is an exact definition for it.  Firstly Kerry Rowett a professional Kinesiologist says it’s for “anyone wanting to work with me to identify and clear blocks, sabotages and limiting beliefs so you can achieve your goals more easily”. Kinesiology uses muscle therapy and movement to find exactly what the body is facing emotionally or even physically. It has allowed me to welcome change and many other things that have been hindering me of having a balanced lifestyle. It works with a systematical circuit and searches for a strong muscle response which alerts the Kinesiologist on a certain element or goal that needs to be dealt with.

I had four of these in depth visits thus far and my last visit was about a week ago which was the highlight of them all. At first I did not really understand the different concepts and relations but after the second visit I became hooked. My life changed and I started to believe in myself more as an individual! You might think that it is like psychology but even better as it has the ability to heal body aches and pains as well with the power of movement. Every session in completely different and I know you might not fully understand what I am talking about which is completely natural but you definitely will once you experienced it. I am able to discover things that live within me which are either good or not so good and able to deal with it. Ultimately allows one to become the person I am destined to be. My last session was the deepest as the aspects which was discovered was sensitive and relative,all to do with past happenings or emotions faced but not dealt with. Things that we sometimes throw a blind eye to, has to be resolved sooner or later before moving on to greater obstacles and successes.

Therefore I believe that instead of just moving on when something happens that really offense me or hurt me I would rather prefer dealing with it no matter the amount of pain that is caused. Everything happens for a reason, and going through those things is only building character for the next thing that needs to be faced and if not, then you might just stand in the way of your own destiny.
I loved how Chandre was so caring and concerned about my balance. Her objective was always to get to the bottom of things and the truth which I did not even know existed. Now I can say that sometimes people tell me "Wow! You well put together" , but deep down I am actually broken and now through Kinesiology am able to put back the pieces. 
I am looking forward to many more experiences but until then I would encourage you to visit a Kinesiologist at least once. If you have already then please share your experience with me by commenting below.

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Kerry Rowett
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