Wednesday, 18 February 2015


For a number of weeks I have been seeing people have been making a fuss about these high waist skinny jeans/jeggings from P'nP Boutique (Pick n Pay clothing store) at R149.00.I thought whatever that is probably just another pair of jeans! Like when so much noise was made around the sliders last year hehe …I still do not get it though.
When I saw my colleague wearing her PnP jeggings /skinny jeans to work I wanted to die. I became so jealous in an instant like how hottt are they???  But let me first give you the load down of what have been happening as you might have observed that I have not been posting in a very long while. Yet the site looks amazingly different and some drastic changes have been taking place. Which I hope you like , find more satisfying on the eye to make you able to see every detail much clearer and drop by more often. From now on you can expect a whole lot more from look posts to beautiful master pieces being showcased by local designers’ right over here under the news tab.
You might just wonder why I mention colleague. Well I have recently been employed at the University I am studying at and with that being said I now have to adjust to a total new routine and more responsibility. I also have to live with the fact that I can no longer go to campus in flops but in a much more sophisticated style which I am enjoying the most because I just love dressing up. Overall I am very thankful with the opportunity and enjoying every moment of developing myself. It just happened that both Phumza and I were dressed in skinny jeans to start off the week but she was dressed more sophisticatedly with some black and white while I remained passive in pastels.

Phumza managed to style her jeggings with an off white sheer blouse from MRP with some black lacy detail, her Nine West handbag and a pair of black courts keeping it simple. The jeggings kept it casual and I really liked it as it is tight but still soft to your skin. It’s made with stretchy denim fabric and the shade is just perfect. The other thing I like about it is that it is high waist so you able to tuck in your shirt or even wear it with a crop top. The leg is really straight and not too bulky at the bottom which to me will be great for when I need to tuck in my denims into some knee high boots this winter. It hugs your curves especially if you’re an hourglass or pear shaped kind of girl like me.
I can easily match up a few outfits with these jeggings with items I already own  like this grey blazer from Traffic Live which was on sale for R70.00 not so long ago. Now I just hope they will still have more of these jeggings by the time I get there and that you ladies don’t buy them all without saving a pair for me because this is definitely a must have.

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