Thursday, 12 March 2015




The midweek drama’s has come and almost on its way while we thankfully heading towards the weekend once again. Shew! Has time passed by so quickly!

Last Saturday we shot this post and I thought I would save it for now so that both you and I can ease into the weekend stylishly. Even though we are so busy I believe it that every woman owes it to herself  to show off her own personal style.I truly believe that style is something that you are born with and no matter what you wear even if its old rags you will still look great because you wore it your way along with being well groomed.Weekends are so short and sweet which gives me even more reason to dress the way I feel.

I chose this high waisted shorts and stylish t-shirt to move away from my formal work attire,yet adding the heels to give my legs that extra length and slimming look lol. This is something I would suggest wearing for that afternoon drinks with the girls which might turn into dancing the night away but this will be kept in the car’s boot for later. You could either add some pumps or sneakers to give it a more comfortable look for when you running a quick errand to the mall etc. This outfit is very plain but versatile as the monochrome is very easy to mix and match ,it will look great with a little colour pop weather its your handbag, shoes, accessories or even your nail colour that’s in a brighter shade. However, I stuck to black on white excuse the pun which is very trendy at the moment. All in all I am a monochrome inspired for this season not forgetting to add some metals to remain edgy and fierce.

T-shirt - Legit
High waited shorts - MRP
Clutch Bag - Legit 
Pumps - MRP
Sunglassess- MRP
Stilettos - Rage Shoes SA
All Star Converse : Sportscene
Accessories (rings): MRP
Chain: Guess 
Lipstick -Rubybox

Pictures By : Justin Smith

Thank you for dropping by :) 
Did You like this post? Let me know what you think and maybe we can exchange some more style ideas winx .

With lots of Love

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