Tuesday, 21 April 2015

New business concept by KAU-laborations

Handbag Heaven by KAUlaborations

"Setting you free..One bag at a time”

KAU-laboration is a new and innovative company. Who organises various collaborative events to help you grow your client base and eventually your business.This company provides the platform to advertise at an affordable rate using creative ways to benefit all involved.The woman (Kausar Tickley) behind this company is a mother, pharmacist and a very family orientated person. She sees to her daily household needs and is a creative business woman. Kausar told me all about a new sector, she has recently added to KAU-laborations and this is what she said.

"Handbag Heaven by KAU-laborations aim to set you free one bag at a time". I allowed her to explain because really now… how can bags set me free? How can bags allow me to travel? How can handbags allow me to pay cell phone bills? etc.

Well, this concept makes room for entrepreneurial growth within you. Kausar’s handbag heaven can allow you to earn a little extra by purchasing beautiful handbags at an affordable bulk price and great quality. These handbags come in a range of designs and colours to see to the needs of most sophisticated  woman to young  vibrant classy ladies.  Buying these bags at an affordable price in bulk will allow you to resell at a reasonable markup which in turn , will give you the extra amount to save towards your overseas get away, new pair of shoes or just to cover the bills.

By selling theses beauties to your friends and family you will be able to be stylish and make some additional cash while you are at it. This could also be a great platform or gateway to start the business that you always wanted but just didn't have enough capital  for. It will be able to give you the experience of getting to know the various markets and teach you various other business strategies.

I will soon show you how to style these bags in my next look post to follow J
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