Friday, 22 May 2015



Hey darlings! J
I hope you had a great week and ready for the weekend! Yay! I however won’t have much of a weekend due to studying and all but I am not complaining lol. I do, however, would like to share this story with you before I go back to beating the books.

I recently met a lady named Ipelegeng who is a working mother of 3, runs a household and is currently studying part time. She, just like all other women, love the finer things in life and enjoys dressing up, smelling good, looking good and also feeling good. Ipelegeng consulted me and told me about her busy lifestyle of which I can relate to however, she was really in need.

She felt completely horrified of not being able to take time out to take care of things and she told me that she is so ashamed of the way things are going concerning her style. She explained to me that she wants to make a few changes and she has started by obtaining a few new cosmetic products from AVON. This to me was all good and well, but she kept all her cosmetics products in a plastic shopping bag from the Food Lovers Market store. My heart melted, but she told me that she has observed my ways and got a cosmetic bag from Clicks. After speaking to her some more we looked at ways to arrange her cosmetics in an easy to use way in order to ensure that she has her daily necessities all together in one purse, in her handbag. This makes it less time consuming for her to dig in her handbag and look way more stylish.

This was one of my first styling sessions with her and I can assure you that there will be more style consultation posts to follow. Here is a short clip to see the transformation, but hold on! Don’t forget to comment below and feel free to contact me for any style consultation sessions or for some online tips.
Thank you for reading.

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