Friday, 8 May 2015

LOOK BOOK: It's A Vintage Drama

Hey there everybody!
I really don’t know how to start off this post as I feel that the pictures are doing all the talking up in here. However, I have some time to chat so why the hell not hay?
I recently received this gorgeous handbag from the Kausar the lady behind Kau-Laborations a few weeks back and I have been wanting to share this look with you. Kausar showed me a few of her handbags prior to this post, but this one caught my attention from the first time I laid my eyes on it. I feel that it has a lot of character and on its own way tells you a story. This handbag certainly has some vintage drama going on and the design allows you to play around with it very well.
 The size is perfect for all my lady essentials like my cosmetics purse, tablet, iPhone, purse, chargers, diary, sanitary compact and even a little on the go snack. I don’t know if you feel me but I think it’s not like those oversize bags where you end up putting in a whole lot of nonsense, then end up carrying unnecessary luggage around. It allows you to only have your important beesy bee goodies in it and no other baggage. Kausar even has a range of handbags that she refers to as “Nappy Bags” which allows mommies to use it for all their baby’s needs but still allows them to look super stylish. It has room for baby’s bottles, etc… yet durable and looks extremely feminine. These bags are sourced from local manufacturers and international ones. I have to tell you that it is unfortunately not your usual Guess or LV. However, it certainly is one of a kind and most importantly, if you purchase one of these bags from Kausar you would be the only one that would own that specific style (oooh #exclusive and affordable).
Most of the handbags come with a detachable longer length sling which is very trendy at the moment and can be worn over your shoulder in many ways. I will suggest that strapping the bag across your shoulder/body would be for a more causal outfit whereas making use of the top handles like I did would be perfect for a sophisticated outfit.

Kau-Laborations started out with their new small business concept which you can find out more over here. I opted for a more autumn look and decided on this lace crop top which is sexy, great for a night out and this fold over little black skirt. To add some more drama I chose a pair of maroon leather gloves, which I absolutely love and kept all other accessories minimal. 

Items featured
Check Biker Jacket: Foschini
Lace Crop: Mr Price/ MRP
Black Skirt: Mr Price/ MRP
Ankle Boots: Fashion Express
Handbag: Kau-Laborations (
Leather Gloves: Fashion Express
Neck Piece: Zuri
Watch: Foschini

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. 
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