Thursday, 18 June 2015


Hey Fashionistas!
I thought of doing a Throw Back Thursday by posting my look and what I wore to last weeks Cosmo Jeans Show. The show was absolutely amazing, but you can read more about that over on the events page
My outfit was pretty basic as I had to change my outfit minutes before leaving due to certain circumstances. This made me frustrated cause I didn't wear what I had in mind, but I think it all worked out in the end. I wore this checked shirt #hot from Cotton On which I have been searching for a long time and a pair of distress denims #like. I loved this shirt as it was the perfect cotton fabric and great length suitable for this season. It is extremely versatile and the colour combination works really well with a number of other clothing items of mine. 

To top off this look I fortunately got my manicure done just the day before the event as you guys might have seen if you been following on twitter, etc. I had a perfect coffin set done sponsored by Lande’s Beautyand Nail Studio which I would be telling you more about very soon. Andrea Ruiter the nail technician did a great job by giving my acrylic coffin extensions a maroon Matt finish which is very trendy this winter season. She added some nail art to it, but being such a beesy bee and rushing to get everything done my nail art didn't not last to the next day :-(. So my tip on nail art is to be gentle until completely set and dry. Andrea does a great job with all sorts of nail techniques and styles which can be seen on the Miss2BeesyFacebook page. I now leave you to share your thoughts by commenting below. winx
Items Featured: 
Checked Shirt: Cotton On
Distress Denim Jeans: Cotton On 
Faux Fur and Pleather Waist Coat: China Town Cape Town 
Ankle Boots: Fashion Express
Handbag: Edgards
Ring: Legit 
Watch: Foschini 
Smile: Taryn Bester 

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