Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Hi Stylistas!
I hope you all are having a fun filled week thus far and out there reaching your dreams. I have put a new look together with items from the Label Collections which can be found at their chic little boutique in the Point mall, Sea Point. I have been admiring their pieces for a while now, after seeing their updates on their Facebook page. While being glued to their web site I discovered that Nadia the mastermind behind the brand has designed the Label Collections to suit every woman’s unique structure. She has designed the label with two different lines but, I will tell you about that in another post coming towards the end of this month so please do keep an eye out for it.

As a blogger I strongly believe that I should not showcase how to wear pieces that are worn on catwalks but how to make styles that are shown on catwalks more wearable. After visiting the boutique I realised how all the items were on a very classic and high standard. This reminds me of items seen on the runway where quality and uniqueness is concerned but, it's still wearable for you, and me and our busy lifestyle. Label Collections unique brand cannot be compared to any of the ordinary clothing retailers. Its style and class sets it apart from the rest. Now I know when you hear or see the word “boutique” in magazines or fashion blogs you immediately think of the price tag. This is completely natural however, for the quality of Label Collection it is worth it. I can assure you that you are not only paying for the quality and style but also for the feeling this luxury brand infuses in you immediately when wearing their garments (an added bonus).

In my opinion I would say the look I put together is suitable for work/day to evening drinks or a dinner party. Remembering the season we are in I thought that this mid jacket would do the trick to keep warm and remain stylish.
Thank You for reading! 
Items Featured:
Shoes: Rage Shoes South Africa
Pictures by: Justin Smith 

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