Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Hi all you beautiful people!
I thought of doing this look post, but not actually writing about it. Telling you the reason for pairing these items together or the colour coordination as usual. Instead, I feel like just writing about how I feel and thoughts I have right now.

A ray of sunshine is the name in the middle of winter in the midst of the storm, the windy breeze or the heavy fog.  This can seem as life’s circumstances thrown at you from all directions and you sit and wonder how am I going to get through this. How will I ever succeed? How can I still continue? How can I get through it? Should I get up again? All these ten thousand questions running through your mind all unanswered. Yet, deep down you know and believe that the sun will shine again. If not today, then maybe tomorrow. If not, when you walk in this direction, but maybe if you walk in that direction you believe and trust that the sun will shine again. However, you end up finding yourself in a position where your knees are bent, your hands are folded and your eyes closed praying for your ray of sunshine. Placing that believe in a higher power other than your own and all you can do is to wait.
I want to say to you today my beesy bees, whatever you are facing and whatever you need to battle with that it too shall pass. The sun will shine in your direction again, it’s up to you to keep the faith.
Live, Love, Hope and Laugh
Thank you for reading!

Items Featured:
Tweed Blazer: Foschini
Checked Legs: MRP
Black Blouse: Edgards
Standard Points: Studio by Woolworths
Sunglasses: Vogue Eye wear 
Handbag: Polo South Africa
Block statement ring: Legit 
Watch: Edgards
Locket Bracelet: MRP 
Gold Chain: Guess  
Pictures By: Justin Smith

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