Friday, 3 July 2015


Hello my lovelies and happy FriYaY!

I thought of writing something short, sweet and meaningful for all of you but also for me. It’s the end of the week and by this time most of us are extremely drained and ready to just sit back and enjoy life. The busy week that came and flew by so quickly along with the first half of the year has really taken its toll on me and I think on you too?
This morning I overslept… just like every other morning lol kidding J but, let’s face it, on a Friday it’s even harder to get out of bed especially winter time. We have to choose a suitable outfit, pack our bags, get our lunch and put extra effort into our look because it’s Friday. However, when you wake up too late you immediately start panicking and just do not feel like it anymore. You lose that enthusiasm and your style inspiration has left the door with no make-up on. Dry lips, sleepy eyes, hair back in a pony tail or an unattractive bun not forgetting just grabbing a pair of jeans/pants  and a coat with no colour coordination.
Well can you just hold on! I think you should just breath lose the anxiety and do what you can at home, the rest can be completed at the office/ work. Try packing your shoes for the day in your handbag and putting on some comfy flats to get you in time for the bus. Leave trying to put on mascara or the rest of your make-up on in a rush and then becoming frustrated because it’s not perfect and think about putting it on at work in the ladies room etc. or in the car while still in the parking lot. At least you are at your destination and feeling less anxious. Giving yourself more time to perfect it and approach the day with a your beautiful smile.
Now, I know you know all  of this and if you are already doing it then high five to you. My point is that we want everything to be perfect that moment, especially when you are a busy be like me. Just know that there are always time and ways to work around certain things and preventing stressful events to ruin your day. Have a great weekend and please comment below if you have any tips and tacks you would like to share.

Thank you for reading


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