Tuesday, 22 September 2015


Hey Guys!
For some or other reason I am feeling as if I need a burst of adventure and feel like doing something brand new. I feel like traveling and seeing the world even though I have always had this urge I feel that it is much stronger now. In all honesty, I usually get this feeling, the feeling of wanting to do new things which, in this point of my life is actually very scary because I don't have the time at all. On the other side I also cannot suppress it, because this is going to make me feel extremely frustrated. So what am I to do? For now I will probably seek some Godly intervention and stay hooked on Lauren Daigle’s music to keep calm. Lol

As soon as I find what I am seeking, I will write about it some more, stay tuned.


Over the weekend I managed to squeeze in some time to shoot a few looks for this season and share with you guys. I haven’t posted one of these in a while, because I was actually waiting for good weather and finally I can say that Cape Town is slowly moving towards the sunnier days. I ultimately enjoy spring over summer, because I often feel suffocated in the heat, that’s why I totally enjoyed putting this look together. I opted for my newly found obsession, which are these mules I recently purchased at Fashion Express for R199.00. Mules are very seventies inspired and is trending at this present moment. I didn’t really like this trend, because I cannot really see that it will be in for very long and don’t like spending money on items that I won’t be getting a long wear out of. However, when I eventually went through my wardrobe I actually saw that I can still be on trend with items I already owned. This was a bonus as I was able to wear these mules with a modern twist which also proves it’s extremely versatile. I have not worn this outfit before and I actually took a chance pairing these items together. Another hot item for spring is obviously something very light and I think anything lace will work greatly. Therefore, I opted for this lace jacket designed by my mom a few years back and custom-made for me. :)   

I hope you enjoyed this insert and looking forward to seeing your thoughts below or in a tweet @Miss2Beesy.

Items Featured: 
White Lace Jacket : Custom Designed by Mom
White Bodysuit top: Forever New
Pastel Pink Skinny Jeans: Woolworths
White Mules: Fashion Express
Handbag: Polo
Sunglasses: MRP
Acrylic White Manicure: Lande's Beauty and Nail Studio


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