Thursday, 10 December 2015


Hello everyone!
I know that this year is almost at its end and that there won’t be any race events happening soon but, if you are planning to attend the J&B Met, which will take place early in the New Year then sit back and enjoy.

Now dressing for your first race event can be a little intimidating and overwhelming at the same time because, you would want to look glamorous, beautiful and comfortable. However, in my opinion you would still need to be willing to come out of your comfort zone in order to keep to the theme of the event. This can be done by exploring with various headgear styles to take your outfit to the next level. Be mindful of remaining true to your own personal style. These events can carry on for a good couple of hours and you would not want to be miserable because you are feeling uncomfortable with what you are wearing. I do understand that if you are a style queen that doesn’t mind suffering for beauty, then by all means.

To this year’s Le Kap Lifestyle Fair I decided that I am going to have loads of fun and not go through the same misery I previously experienced at this type of event where, I end up with aching feet. I decided to wear flats just before I got out of the car and was certainly not disappointed. No matter the quality of your heels, your feet are bound to be in pain after walking on it for too long. You will be on your feet the entire day as everything (shows, food stalls or bar) are far apart and you would not want to miss out on anything. Therefore, rather opt for an elegant sandal depending on your dress or a pair of wedged heels, but each to his own.  Things you should not compromise on would be a good pair of sunglasses, a clutch bag with all your touch up make-up and lipstick/gloss, fully charged cell phone, chewing gum, your favourite  scented spritzer, credit card lol and of course your tickets.

Items Featured - Top: Foschini South Africa, Tulle Skirt: Foschini South Africa, Vogue Sunglasses, Clutch Bag: Truworths 
Make- Up Done by: Spread The Beauty 
Pictures by: Justin Smith 

Thank you for reading and happy holidays!

With Love, Light and Blessings. 

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