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LOOK BOOK: Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz The Pantone Colour Trend 2016

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Hey Beesy Bees! 

Finally, I present you with the first look book for fall 2016 and I can also inform you that this winter will certainly not be as gloomy as other years. If you can recall last year I showcased the Vida YDE Winter collection which consisted of soft pastels and florals. This year we are building onto that and making winter even brighter. I have decided that I will be showing you three looks consisting of the latest trends for this season in a form of "must have pieces" which you can pair with items you might already have. I think the key to this year's fashion trends is to firstly get all the colours correct and then matching it with other timeless or classic pieces.  

Designers, especially in the interior design industry, have decided to work with serenity blue and rose quartz which has spilled over into fashion as well. Rose Quartz should not be a surprise for any of us as this has been coming along since late 2014 and became extremely popular throughout last year. We can particular look to Instagram and how many other bloggers implemented their rose gold watches, shoes or other accessories into their posts. This is exactly the colour that will be making waves this year again. However, serenity blue makes me think of calmness and peacefulness that goes extremely well with the rose or even a dusty ceder shade which is the winter version of pink-red, like my hair don't you think? I guess soft, calm and bright is exactly the way to go this season. 

To keep with the peaceful nature shooting on the beach was ideal for us to get just the correct shots for you. I was extremely happy to find that rose quartz will be big this year because I purchased this faux fur gilet from MRP last year not knowing if it will be a good buy. Fortunately, it was as I can wear it for another season which ultimately was a smart buy. I paired it with this blue halter neck jumpsuit from Legit and kept my accessories minimal adding a rose gold watch from Foschini. 
Pictures By: Steve Miller Photography 
Thank you for reading and please let me know how you will be wearing this pantone shades.
With Love, Light and Blessings 

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