Wednesday, 4 May 2016


 On Saturday 30th April, I attended the DDEM Prize giving event where the face of the company for 2016 was announced. The event was held at the newly renovated Ritz Hotel in Sea Point, Cape Town. This hotel has a poolside area perfect to relax on a summers day, with beautiful interiors which is great for a getaway within the city or if you  are thinking of visiting Cape Town soon. The event usually has a formal dress code therefore,  I decided to wear this gorgeous VADA dress from their latest red carpet collection.

VADA is a South African based luxury designer label synonymous for the ultra-Goddess-like body contouring silhouette. Hailed as a supreme female empowering demi -couture label, VADA is a symbol of Confidence, Power & Feminine essence. The label is renowned by its simplistic exploration of the female silhouette and has indulged in the use of Greek mythological Goddesses and ancient Egyptian Queens as artistry and design muses. VADA aims to revolutionize the way in which modern woman dress, by embracing an enriching mind set based on manifesting inner confidence, believing that it is of great importance for a woman to feel empowered with their divine sensuality.

Personally, I think VADA does that very well and this is by far one of the best collections ever released by this label. I am extremely pleased to add it to my wardrobe along with another dress I purchased sometime ago from VADA By SIVADA online.The fit of this dress in particular feels amazing especially for my curvy pear shaped body as the fabric sucks in everything at all the right places. It was extremely comfortable too because,  it does not require a bra (oops!). I never would have thought that I would ever be able to attend an event without a bra so you ladies will know exactly how extra comfortable it feels. All thanks to this on trend cross your heart styled dress that fitted me like a royal glove.

Lastly, I also really love the way it hugs my curves, flares and ends in a stylish tail at the back which is suitable for any fancy dressed ball or event. This is one way of styling this dress and I will be showing off more on social media which means that you can expect to see me in it again pretty soon. VADA is available to purchase at the Bromwell Boutique mall and from their online store.

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