Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Featuring Faux Fur Heels DIY Video!

Hey beesy bees!
I hope you are all snugged up in your warmest knits and hope you didn’t feel neglected by me for not posting anything in one entire month. I however, felt extremely nostalgic and thought about this space and you guys more than ever…as the saying goes “absence make the heart grow founder.” Unfortunately, I have to admit that there will be more of these times because this year is extremely important to me with regards to my studies and I shall be focusing more of my time on it. No, this is not a goodbye this is merely to keep you guys on par with what’s happening. I do believe, that with the correct planning and time management strategies in place I will still be able to post regularly but, I have to work according to a very strict schedule.

While I was MIA I utilised my study breaks in-between to put some posts together like my first DIY YouTube video (which you can view below) and some other inserts that will be made available very soon. During this time I also met with a very creative, smart and ambitious lady named Danielle Cloete from DanniC Photography. She has started a new venture and invited the Miss2Beesy brand along with her (of which I feel very honoured). Her passion for photography really shines through and I can say that we will be working together on many other projects.
In this look I decided to marry two current trends together to create something wearable and versatile. Faux fur was a huge hit last season and has made its comeback this winter once again, in various forms such as handbags and designer heels. After all who would refuse a furry friend on a cold winter’s day? Certainly not hay? Unfortunately, I am unable to afford those designer shoes at present and decided to zazz up an old pair of heels and created my own. I styled it with a pair of jeans from Cotton On along with a 70’s inspired white blouse and my sleeveless longer length blazer. You might feel that this isn’t an average winter look… well, with Cape Town’s crazy weather I agree. You could swap out the blouse for a thick white polo neck and the furry heels with a pair of ankle booties. I would wear this look on Friday to the office (If I was employed hehe), to a quick Friday morning meeting over a cup of coffee, to the office on a Friday or in my case to a media event.

 Items Featured: White 70's Inspired Blouse and Jeans from Cotton On, Sleeveless Longer Length Blazer- MRP, Furry Purse- The Fix, Watch- Edgars and  Chain - Made by "yours truly."

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed viewing these pictures captured by Danielle.
For more about her work see Instagram: @Dannic_photography. Oh, before I go! Miss2Beesy will be turning 2 very soon and we have something exciting planned, Stay tuned. ;-)

With Love, Light and Blessings

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