Friday, 2 September 2016


Hey Beesy Bees, I hope that the 2nd day of spring has been treating you well.
 Even though the weather isn’t as sunny as we would expect it to be for the season, we can see that there is some kind of transitioning happening. Slowly moving away from winter into spring, and with time we would be able to live our best summer lives again… so excited! I wish you well for the next season and would also like to thank you all for the love and support I have been receiving. From the sweet comments to the emails and even the likes on social media (yes, I see it all). Thanks a million! 


This season will be all about relaxed trends and bold colours such as deep red, rusty, gold, and even oranges will be very big. That’s why I've opted for this rusty cold shoulder top, which is actually what I want to tell you fashionistas about. So what is "cold shoulder" top? Well, it’s simply a top that has "cut outs" on both shoulders. This trend is one of the hottest thus far, along with the one shoulder and off-the-shoulder trend. It comes in various styles such as shirts, dresses, ripped tops, blouses, etc.  It's also perfect if you are not comfortable or confident enough to walk around with bare shoulders but still want to be trendy. I'm totally in love with it because it can still keep you warm from the spring chill and it’s great for any body type and age group. It’s also very versatile and works great with jeans, keeping you sexy but conservative. You can also pair it with a wide leg pants or jeans and some chunky earrings to give it some more edge.

Featured items: Cold Shoulder Top and High Rise Jeans from MRP | Handbag and Watch from AVON SOUTH AFRICA and JUSTINE | Knee High Boots – Rage Shoes | Choker DIY.

Oh! And I wore a bold lip from the latest Avon South Africa in shade Berry Red. 
Thank you for reading! 
I would love to hear what you have to say about this trend so please comment below. :)

All pictures by: DanniC Photography
With Love, Light and Blessings 

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