Friday, 16 September 2016


Hey guys and happy Friday!

I hope that you guys are very well, healthy and ready to take the weekend by full force. 

Yes, you've seen correctly the word healthy is in italics and I would like to draw some more attention to it. Not only in this blog post, but in my entire life too. My reasons being is that I have been diagnosed with a rare infection, yesterday after I started suffering from it on Monday. Now I won't be telling you what it is and I won't be mentioning it on social media, please allow me to keep it private. What I can tell you is that doctors don't know when I will recover and that it is stress related, I ask that you please keep me in your prayers. I won't be in the public eye and might not be able to do photo photos for a while. Funny thing is I feel completely fine, but when I look at myself in the mirror, I can see that I am not. So Sad and frustrating! 

I started this blog two years ago really not knowing the power of it and its full potential. I thought I did my full research, but little did I know what I was really in for. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining at all, because I am extremely chuffed with our how my baby (Miss2Beesy) is growing. I started this, because I express myself better in writing even with all the grammatical errors and mistakes *giggles*. It's a huge challenge for me to speak about stuff and is something I have always struggled with, but something I am working on. My parents always scolded at me for this while growing up. I took blogging as a hobby as my own "zone" and have realised, that it's no longer my hobby and that it is just as important to me as my professional career. It has taken a completely different turn and you know what... its beyond my control. Our health is affected by every little thing we do and we sometimes realise it's way too late. And now I am "BOMBED"!

I will be starting a compete new hobby that nobody will know about. It will be my happy place, my place of sanity, my place with God and I won't tell a soul. 

Moving on to the brighter things, you might have seen the amazing bomber jacket trend all of this spring. It's another season "hottie"and very versatile. This time around I paired it with a more relaxed everyday cool outfit to compliment my Adidas tubular kicks. I can literally live in these high waisted jeans all day, everyday. However, for a more luxe look pair your bomber jacket with a straight cut, midi or longer length skirt along with your favourite sneakers and check yourself in the mirror. You will come tell me again. Winx

Featured: Bomber Jacket, Jeans and Bandanna -MRP,  Adidas Tublurs- Adidas, Lipstick - Avon, Earrings- Lovisa 

Pictures by: DanniC Photography

Thank you for reading!
With Love, Light and Blessings

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