Monday, 29 May 2017


Words: Taryn Bester | Photographs: Danielle Cloete from DanniC Photography | Styling: Taryn Bester

Hey Ladies and Gents!
It’s the start of a brand new week and I thought I'd check in with all of you, my extended blogging fam!

Now, I know you have seen all my social media updates and might have heard some rumors about Miss2Beesy getting in engaged? Well, it’s all true! My noble partner in crime, best friend and now fiancé decided to propose two months ago and I of course said “YES” (after first asking him "did you ask my parents" lol). Some might say “this is old news” or “why only write about it now”. Well, like the saying goes “there is a time and a place for everything”. It was such a beautiful day and experience I really wanted to first keep it to myself, hold onto all the emotions, savour the moment and get over this huge surprise in my own stride. He completely knocked me off my feet with a rose gold ring and I could feel that God was present. Two weeks ago, I scheduled to shoot this outfit with Danni, and Justin was willing to get in front of the camera too, which created the perfect opportunity for me to write this post. I am really pleased knowing that I can share this with all of you, three years ago I started this blog from scratch and three years ago Justin and I also started dating. This all together is a huge way of showing me how much growth has taken place in my life. I am truly thankful and happy to invite you along on this exciting journey and I hope you guys won’t mind my chatter about wedding planning in the months to come. 

One of the hottest trends this winter has to be velvet! You might have spotted it in our local fashion magazines and of course the gram. Everything velvet goes and my advice would be to get one key item that you know you would always want to wear this season and slay it. This way you won’t over spend on one trend and you won’t be stuck with it next year. However, a classic velvet piece is always a great closet must have! I spotted this dress on The Fashion Lotts Instagram account and I knew it would be perfect for an evening out and wore it to the DDEM prize giving earlier this month.

I hope you enjoyed this little update!
Thank you for reading and until next time.
With Love, Light and Blessings

She wears: Velvet Stasha Turtleneck- The Fashion Lott, Black React Boots- Bronx Woman, Rose gold bangle- Accessorize, Watch- Justine Africa, Whoop Hearings- MRP.
He wears: Shirt and Jeans- H&M, Blazer and Watch- Markhams and Sunglasses- Falco Milano

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