Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Words: Taryn Bester | Photographs: Justin Smith| Styling: Taryn Bester

Hey Guys!
Happy Wednesday my you have a blessed week ahead, especially to the Muslim readers my thoughts are with you and your family and may the preparation towards Eid be filled with blessings. 

Last night, I came across a fascinating little documentary made about the area that I am from. It showed how through all the drugs, crime and poverty youth still preserver and strive to obtain their matric (grade 12) certificate. When I saw the post on my Facebook feed the first thought was "What’s happening now again?" Along with other negative thoughts, then eventually I watched it and my thoughts started to change.  It portrayed the good qualities of the people in our community along with the "not so good" circumstances. I immediately shared it with my friends, because this so fitting seeing that we are moving towards National Youth Day on Friday, 16th June.  Let us as young individuals stand up for what is right and not fall into the trap of wanting “things” (success, material things, fame, ect.) “now”. All goals take time and even if you feel like you're never going to get there, keep on and stay in your lane.


I wore this exact outfit on Saturday morning for a brunch event held at Good Hope Suites, Grandwest. I attended with Justin, because he was invited as a guest speaker which left me to be on fiancĂ© duty. It was a beautiful ice cold winter’s morning and I knew that the only trick would be a pair of boots and oversize knitted top.These items are brunch outfit must haves in my books and adding a few other simple statement pieces will bring the entire look together. I threw over this longer-length-sleeves trench coat to keep a sophisticated smart causal look, a pair of jeans and an oversize leather hand bag big enough for both Justin and my gadgets. 
Items Featured: Oversize Knitted Jersey - The Fix, Jeans and Sleeveless Coat - MRP, Boots- Hushpuppies and Handbag- Accessorize  

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Stay safe and keep warm this season! 
With Love, Light and Blessings

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