Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Words: Taryn Bester | Photographs: Various | Styling: Taryn Bester

Hey guys!

I hope your year has started on a high note, because mine has and I realise that so many things of the past (good and not so good) has created this positive feeling I have inside right now.

Already a few things that had caused heartache for me last year has already changed and brought new joy. Once again I am reminded that this life isn’t mine alone, but God is the main one at hand molding my journey. That alone brings content and assures me that I’m not alone. My career for one has taken its own turns and took me on a complete detour, however I’m getting closer to my goal. I have seen that everything I have learnt at varsity is the complete opposite in the work place, but that’s okay I guess. On another note, Justin and I have also started planning our dream wedding day. He was my boyfriend at the very beginning of this blogging journey, has turned into my fiancĂ© in between and soon will become my husband. Yes, we officially decided on a date and in a few months’ time I will be Mrs2Beesy, but don’t worry I will be posting here every step of the way, so I invite you all to be part of my I Do Journey.

Here are a few of my favourite dressers worn to this seasons events. 
Thank you for reading!
Dresses from: 
Picture 1- The Fix 
Picture 2- H&M
Picture 3- Woolworths 

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