Wedding Planning Catch-Up 

Many of you might have seen me posting about planning my wedding day. This is something slowing coming to an end while the actual day is swiftly approaching. That’s why I thought of hosting a mini afternoon tea with my mom, my aunt and my fiance's mother. Three ladies that plays an important role in my life and the planning of our special day.

Having this little get together helped me to explain my vision and every step of the day. I also thought since Justin and I are planning most of our wedding on our own, we unfortunately won’t be able to check if everything is in place. We will be too busy smiling, dancing and enjoying ourselves every moment of the day. Both our moms and my aunt now known exactly who the service providers are which will avoid unnecessary run-a-rounds and stress for me as the bride. I have thought of this meet-up because over the years while attending a couple of weddings I have observed the stresses of other brides and of course took some tips. Most importantly, I saw this was necessary because I know myself, I can be a bit of a perfectionist if I have time so this “intervention” will help me remain sane.We spoke about the full wedding day program and touched on things like the menus and more. It was a lovely afternoon of catching up, discussing important things and even coordinating outfits ... oh and not forgetting enjoying some delicious treats!

We had so much fun! 
Luckily we had SBryan Photography to capture every moment. If you are a soon-to-be bride like me, then I hope you found this post helpful. And if you got married years ago then I hope you were able to revisit planning your special day (please share your thoughts with me) 

Thank you for reading!
With Love, Light Blessings 

Hey Guys!

Happy festive season and I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and safe holiday period. I am very excited to lounge around on the beach, spend some time with my family and friends, do some more outdoor activities and try a whole lot of new restaurants.  Speaking of which, I visited a new restaurant not so long ago. My friends and I decided to venture on a short little road trip one Sunday morning along the coast and settled down for lunch at THE BOATHOUSE in Klienmond, just past Betties Bay. 

This restaurant is situated opposite the harbour amongst a few other eateries and has a variety of dishes. The Boathouse offer’s free Wi-Fi access so you can check-in on all your social media while listening to the waves infused with soft background music and sip on a drink of your choice. The one thing I was not a fan of while being at this restaurant is that it only had one rest room, but oh well restrooms are limited on boats too right? And this is the ‘BOAT HOUSE” after all! 

I always enjoy my food more when I am seated in a relaxed atmosphere and that’s exactly the impression I received when entering the doors of The Boathouse.  My stomach was roaring and I immediately opted for their crumbed calamari stripes as a starter. While nibbling on that I enjoyed a cappuccino which was not as strong as what I would normally enjoy, but did the trick. Justin and I always go “halfies” whenever we eat-out so I decided on a seafood platter as a main and he ordered some sticky barbeque ribs and hot veg. Our food arrived and I was low-key shocked by how big the portions were, I ended up not taking half of Justin’s meal and also took a takeaway of my own meal to keep space for dessert.  The food was good, but their hand cut fries could have been better. The hot veg however, was delicious and so was the slice of freshly baked chocolate cake I had thereafter. 

The staff were extremely accommodative as we stayed at this restaurant for more than three hours catching up with our friends. Management politely checked in if we are satisfied and if we needed anything. Our bill added up to approximately R500.00 amongst four people meaning, you may budget to spend at least R125.00 per person including your beverage of choice.

Overall Rating 3/5
That’s my experience in a nutshell, should you be looking for a new spot to try this festive season give The Boat House a go.

For more info call: (028) 271 3048
or follow them on Facebook

Thank you for reading!
With Love, Light Blessings 


Hey Guys!
I have recently tried the Spice Mecca flapjacks Pre-Mix and thought I would share a few snips of the process. I will try my best to keep posting some of my favourite quick and easy foodie inserts regularly, because I absolutely enjoy making delicious eatables. 

However, time is always limited on my side and that’s why I love pre-mixes so much. It’s quick and easy and you are able to keep a few variety packs in your pantry for when you really craving something lekker lol. Another awesome thing is that, the ingredients required to whisk-up these mixes are usually things we already have at home or quick to find eg. Eggs, milk, etc. This particular mix is great, because you are able to mix it in different ways to either make waffles, pan cakes or flapjacks using similar add-in ingredients. I thought that flapjacks would be nice to have for breakfast and made a batch, but because the mix needed to set for an hour it turned breakfast into brunch. I added some chopped banana and grilled a few bacon pieces in the oven. Once everything was set I drizzled some of Woollies maple syrup over it.  This made a good combination of sweet and salt flavouring and had me wanting some more, but fortunately I curbed myself from overindulging.

All the instructions you would ever need is on the back of the pack along with the ingredients needed to add into the mix. Scoop one tablespoon of batter in a greasy pan and let it fry till golden brown. Flip over to complete the other side and continue the same process until all the batter has been used. My first flapjack was a complete mess and happens all the time, so if you don’t get it right the first time don’t worry. Keep going!
Thank You for reading and I hope you enjoyed this insert. Please share your favourite pre-mixes with me to try via direct message on Instagram (@miss2beesy).
With Love, Light and Blessings 

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“A rainbow wouldn’t be a rainbow if it lost one of its colours. So don’t lose anything about you. You’re beautiful the way you are.”

7th July 2017

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s that time again, a time to celebrate our third anniversary and reminisce over the past year of blogging. This year I decided to do something different and show off another side of me through things that I love doing. So instead of doing a whole outfit post contributing towards it like last year, I thought of baking a lava rainbow cake. 

Thankfully, my very good friend, Jill Lauren Masters introduced me to the Snowflake creations rainbow cake pre-mix which is absolutely amazing and made my life so easy. One Sunday afternoon, I popped into Pick n Pay supermarket at Canal Walk and bought all the ingredients I needed along with the toppings I had in mind. I found some inspiration from Pinterest and tried to make it my own by adding bits and pieces I saw from various pictures. I won’t go into too much detail with how to bake this cake or how to make the icing sugar, because all the instructions are on the packaging and if you strictly follow it, your cake will be fab.  However, for the toppings I first covered the bottom layer with icing then stacked another layer on top and lightly made a hole in the centre of that layer with a cookie cutter. Iced it and stacked up the third layer and made a hole in it too, then I poured some Smarties in it until it filled the top. I covered it with icing and added the last layer before icing that one too. On top as you can see I sprinkled some caramel popcorn, speckled eggs and macaroons according to my creativity and VOILA.

I have to confess that I am no professional when it comes to baking and wouldn’t have been able to make my own batter this perfectly from scratch, for my first attempt.  I mentioned on Facebook earlier how important it is to celebrate every milestone and how success is so far and in between that if you don’t hold onto the moment it will just pass you by. That’s why I make it my mission to celebrate the brand and its success annually. I would also like to thank each and every one of you for supporting me, for every comment, like and for taking time to visit this space I have created. I am so blessed to have this platform and thankful for the inspiration to carry on.
 Thank you for reading and please share your baking treats with me via Facebook or twitter.  ;-) 

With Love, Light and Blessings 

Pool and Fun Summer Beach Essentials By Miss2Beesy  

Written by Taryn Bester | Photographs Courtesy of Superbalist

Hey guys and happy 2017!

I hope it has been off to a great start for all of you!

I finally have a moment to post my first official insert for the year and seeing that we are still feeling the holiday vibe, I thought of kicking-off with my favourite poolside essentials. See what I have chosen as my top five from Superbalist’s pool and fun collection below. :-)

Flamingo Float: This says trendy pool party all over it! The pink flamingo tube makes for a fun addition to your pool, whether just as a decorative feature, to help you bob about in the water or for that perfect Instagram snap.

Giant playing cards: While being away over the holidays I learnt some awesome card game skills and ended up playing cards with my dad and Justin (boyfriend) most of the days. So much that I feel like a pro "klawerjas" player in the making haha. winx  

Solar Jar: This original glass jar has been transformed into a lantern with its built-in solar panel which absorbs solar energy when placed in the sunlight and releases a white glow from its LED bulbs at night, for up to six hours. Perfect for that type of card games that continuous into the wee hours of the night. This solar jar can give you unspoiled amount of light needed to keep your eyes on winning, something I really needed while playing. (Read more here)

Multi-stripe Beach Towel: Without even saying, this is very important and even better when it's able to add a splash of colour to your poolside chilling.


The Instax mini 8: Nothing makes capturing those perfect summer moments easier than one of these babies. It’s available in a wide variety of colours and my favourite is of course this pastel pink one. Read more about its features here.

Boy-oh-boy some of these goodies would’ve made my family vacation much more fun, I wish I looked into this topic before. However, even though things are swiftly going back to normal, I will still try to squeeze in some beach sessions or poolside lounging to take full advantage of this amazing summer. If you reside in the northern hemisphere I hope that these items build up the spirit for summer and that you can stylishly gear up towards it. 

Thank You for reading!
 Please let me know what your essentials are, It might be something I need too... who knows. :-)
With Love, Light and Blessings!

Wearing good shoes isn't just style, but a great lifestyle!  

2 December 2016
Words: Taryn Bester | Photographs: Danielle Cloete from DanniC Photography | Styling: Taryn Bester

Hey Beesy Bees!
Would happy holidays be in order? Well, my fat toes sure feels like it's having a blast, all thanks to the fantastic Wishbones team!

For some reason I seem to suffer from a terrible skin peeling process when summer approaches. It’s usually my hands and feet where it occurs and it’s on odd places.  I have been experiencing this for years and have been advised by my doctor to always try to keep my hands and feet extremely moisturised. Yet, this year is very different after flipping about in my Wishbones a newly launched footwear brand in South Africa.

The goodness lies in its excellent quality and ability to reduce the growth of odour causing bacteria and fungi by 99.98%.  Wishbones are the first flip flops to feature the original Polygene pure silver that affords a drastic decrease in having sweaty feet all summer long. I have also noticed that it’s not as hard as other flips flops, as it is made from natural rubber and not once has its PVC straps come apart, like the other well-known brands I own.

However, the magic doesn’t end there! Each pair of Wishbones contains a unique registration code which allows me to register my pair on their website, and they will donate a pair to a child in need, on my behalf at no extra cost.Now that I have been wearing mine for the past month already, I think this will make an excellent festive gift idea for my family members. Wishbones footwear is designed in various styles and 28 colours that range from kids to adults. The collection is available in two profiles, unisex and slim for your comfortability and personal style.  BUT! Before I go… I have a little gift for you too. You can now purchase a fresh pair of Wishbones from their "onlinestore" and gain a 10% discount when using this promo code: Wishbones2016
For more info visit:
Facebook: Search Wishbones Footwear
Instagram: @Wishbonesflops
Twitter: @Wishbonesflops

But for now let me continue to flip about on the beach. winx
Thank you for reading and please don’t forget to share your thoughts with me.
With Love, Light and Blessings

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Keeping on trend with Plascon’s Colour Forecast for 2017

14 September 2016

Colour is not just a part of life. It is life. It’s how we express ourselves, it influences our mood and it helps us to understand our world. It also plays a key role in putting together an outfit or coordinating our home décor. As South Africa’s largest paint manufacturer, Plascon not only has an expert understanding of our relationship with colour but also how to make using it easy and inspiring in any space. It’s about combining the science behind innovative paint with the evocative power of colour, all grounded by a deep understanding of the South African culture, style and environment.


Every year, Plascon publishes an overview of the latest colour trends in their Colour Forecast. This exciting publication gives customers an insight into the trends at play, while at the same time making it easy to interpret them in their own spaces.

These trends are then brought to life with a distinctive palette curated from Plascon’s colour system and expressed through carefully-­considered interior and inspiration imagery. There is also reference made to the specific décor techniques that will help customers to recreate the theme in their own space.


Anne Roselt is Plascon’s Global Colour Manager and has been the driving force behind the Forecast since its inception. “Every year we travel around the globe in search of the latest colour trends and we’re so excited to share them with our customers,” she explains. “We want to really inspire people through the Forecast,” she continues, “and help them to bring trend inspiration to life in their own homes.”

Colour Hive (formerly Global Colour Research) is a collaborative partner, providing global trend insight to the project. They are the thought leaders behind the renowned MIX magazine – the go-­to resource for designers around the world when it comes to colour. This is the second year Colour Hive has collaborated with Plascon on the Forecast. As Rose lt explains, “they bring an international perspective that is so valuable to a project like this.” She continues, “and it’s by combining this global insight with our deep understanding of the South African taste level, lifestyle and décor preferences that we can create something that is both inspirational and useful.”



The Colour Forecast for 2017 follows a similar format to the issues from previous years, with trends curated around four key themes. These each have a carefully considered colour palette that captures the spirit of the trend, and a suggestion on the décor treatments to bring it to life. Roselt explains that this year’s themes are influenced by the attraction we feel for both the digital and natural worlds. This seemingly contradictory pair is very much a metaphor for who we are as people at the moment, Roselt adds, and that’s why we’re seeing it in colour in many ways.

“Our inspiration this year came from the world we feel under our feet and the worlds we create in our minds,” Rose lt says. She explains that we’re seeing a more minimal approach to interiors. “Not that everything is going back to white,” she says. “It’s just that the use of colour is more pure and single-­minded

– something we’re seeing in the bold wall treatments and colour combinations this year,” she continues. She explains that this year we’re seeing everything from perspective geometrics to very subtle colour gradations, colour-­blocking and everything in-­between.

I have selected a few of my favourite colour stories out of the four Plascon has composed for this year and hopefully it shall awaken some decorative inspiration within you. 

Colour Story One: Anonymous

Anonymous is about the freedom you get when you strip right back to basics and embrace the softer things in life. It’s a new kind of neutrality – beyond a specific gender, identity, place or even style. This approach embraces simplicity and is a response to how over saturated our lives feel because of all the things that surround us in the world.

The palette combines a lighter blue, green and pink with deep purple, blue and black. Metallic-­inspired shades complete the look and add a sense of depth to the theme. These colours are soothing and calm, giving us space to pause in a busy world.

Bringing this story to life is all about creating an atmospheric feeling with colour. We’re seeing a weightless use of colour for a minimal simplicity, and interest being created with décor techniques like two-­toned walls to ground spaces.
Colour Story Four: Pause 
The last theme is Pause – one for everyone who likes a sophisticated neutral look. And while it may be the most minimal and authentic at heart, it has maximum appeal thanks to a nuanced colour palette.

In this theme of hushed colours, we see feminine blush shades as well as grey and blue-­tinted updates on classic beiges. There’s also a metallic gold accent on hand to add a hint of luxury. This all helps to create a sense of depth and create a minimalism that is anything but boring.

This sophisticated theme is brought to life through the use of chalky colour treatments for additional texture, as well as faded finishes and colour panels.

Every year, Plascon chooses a colour that sums up the mood in the global design landscape. For 2017, it is “In the Mood”. Taken from the Terrain story, this is a neutral colour with earthy grey and very subtle pink tints. Warm and grounding but always clean and sophisticated, this colour is the perfect backdrop for any space. As Roselt explains, “It really captures the ‘back to basics’ feeling that the world is going through at the moment but is still rich, warm and really easy to use.”

The Forecast is launched each year at Decorex Joburg, where the themes are brought to life on the Plascon stand. Copies of the Forecast are then included in leading décor publications around the launch in August, as well as with Plascon’s Spaces magazine. After the launch, customers can visit their nearest Plascon stockist to collect their own copy. 

For more information and for the rest of the Plascon Colour Stories visit

I absolutely love the rose gold effect that comes from the pink blush colour. It's giving me all sorts of ideas... Which is your favourite? let me know by tweeting @miss2beesy.

Thank you for reading!
With Love, Light and Blessings 

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31 August 2016

On Saturday it felt like I was living the best Spring life lol. Justin and I decided to give the Bay Harbour Market out in Hout Bay a visit and the weather was certainly on my side :). The market is approximately an hours drive from the northern suburbs (where Justin resides), so we decided to make it a mini road trip. 
We arrived at the market and immediately marveled over the beautiful art work on display. Thereafter, I bumped into fellow blogger MR Lee Fraser. We chatted and I headed over to the bar. The bar had the friendliest bartenders which felt like my "go to place" to find out any info I needed about the market. Besides that, it offers about anything you could possibly feel like "drinking" ( just so that you know lol). Justin and I skipped most meals that day so that we don't spoil our appetite and had lunch there. I enjoyed a chicken, brie, cheese and sweet chili omelet which was R69,00. Justin had a mighty delicious gemsbok salad which was about R90,00. There are many more food options on offer which even cost less, but like I said we wanted to go all out and indulge. We decided to enjoy some wine with our food and Justin had a glass of Pinotage while I enjoyed some Chardoney. This we sipped on the entire duration while we were at the market and while listening to the live band perform. 
That's not all, for desert we had a death by chocolate waffle and ice cream that was so yummy! My mouth is watering as I write this in retrospect. I also found a stall that sold carrot cake which is one of my favorites and I just had to have a slice to take home #winning. Finally, Justin and I roamed around and that's when I fell in love with the Spirit Jewelry store. Which  sells the most daintiest pieces I have ever seen. I couldn't stop staring. I will definitely go back to get my favorite piece. However, I bought our initials from one of the stores called Bokke & Blomme which sells wooden words and home décor etc.

 Justin and I really liked this place and will certainly be back with the rest of the family. Can't wait! You can find more details about the market here  :) 
Thank you for reading and if there are similar markets around Cape Town please leave them in the comment section below or tweet at me with the deets. 
I would love to visit them too.
With love, light and Blessings.

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13th May 2016
Hey Beesy Bees!

Last weekend I had a great opportunity to spend some time at the Bliss Boutique hotel along with my mom in celebration of Mother’s day. The Bliss Boutique Hotel is situated on 25 Albus drive Sunset Beach Table View, Cape Town and their team arranged that we enjoy a delicious brunch along with having our nails manicured on Sunday, but more about that over on the event page.

Our stay kicked off as we checked into the hotel on Saturday 7th May just after 4pm and we experienced a very warm welcome by the hostess while still accessing the secure parking space. This already set a very sweet tone and made me excited to see what else this place has in store. While we were being escorted to our room my mom and I were given a brief tour of the hotel and this is when I feasted my eyes with beautiful interiors, a heated pool, restaurant, art pieces and much more. We then entered into our room and the hostess kindly explained how the lights operate with a swipe card same as the room door. My mom and I put our bags down and immediately started checking out everything in the room and found a Nespresso coffee machine, secure safe, hairdryer, robes, bed slippers and a 40inch plasma TV connected to all our favourite DSTV channels. I however, was not at ease until I found a personalised welcoming sheet on the desk with all necessary information I was wondering about like the WiFi password, room service and dinning info. This placed everything into perspective, my mom was already all settled in on the soft bed. I immediately kicked off my shoes and got comfortable too. We watched a movie and enjoyed the sunset in between which was absolutely spectacular from our room while staring at Table Mountain (see pictures below).

At 7pm we were off to dinner where we found a menu which consisted of 8 tapas dishes all prepared by their very own cook, Chef Dean. This included a desert which was crème Brule and red rooibos espresso that was a bit too sweet for my mom but I indulged until I couldn’t anymore. We enjoyed a yummy margarita and later on mom was shown a range of Delia teas which she could choose from and I opted for a cappuccino. After dinner we headed back to our room to find that the fresh white linens on the beds were neatly opened with our slippers placed on it and a Ferro Rocher chocolate awaiting us. We enjoyed a long refreshing shower and headed into bed for a good night’s rest.
Sunday morning mom and I woke up bright and early for church and thereafter joined in the #manisandmimosas event. Overall both my mom and I enjoyed our stay thoroughly and think that it’s a must experience for all. Each room is unique and caters for each individual’s needs. It is a great place to find peace within the hustle and bustle of the busy city in case you in need of a quick getaway. You literally only need your clothes and the rest you will find at the hotel in pure BLISS… still feels like a dream.

Thank you for reading!
Hope you get to experience this soon this
5 Star Luxury Boutique Hotel and Villa, Pool with Private Beach soon.
For more info and bookings call (021) 551 0441
With Love, Light and Blessings 

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My top five favourites of Work & Co

Pleasure in the work puts perfection in the job” – Aristotle

28 April 2016

This can certainly be achieved when you are able to work in a space that emanates absolute peace, joy, innovation and freedom. Which can be found at the Work & Co work space which allows you to be creative beyond your wildest imaginations. Often we think that we do not love what we do, but that feeling most of the time breeds from the environment we find ourselves in. Our environment is not only the world in which we live in but the world we work in, which can be seen as a mirror for our attitudes and expectations.
Situated on 7 Bree Street Cape Town, I was able to make use of one of their hot desks last week and thought I’d share my experience with you. In all honesty, this post is not to inform you about how Work & Co was started, or what the rates are, or what their trading hours are like. Quite frankly Work & Co has all that type of information on their website. So if you should have any questions related to this, please clickhere.  Hopefully, this will benefit you in the near future.

My first love has to be the hassle free WiFi access. This is an extremely important aspect of my job as I can literally crash if I am unable to communicate with the world or if I cannot be proactive in my response. I’m sure that all of us live this way because we live in a digital communication era.
The first morning I stepped into this space I could sense a significant culture which is subtle, yet can be seen in the close attention to detail in the way everything has been laid out. The culture of new ideas, the one which makes you want to lift not only your finger but your hands and create something remarkable in silence, pure peace and tranquility. However, if you prefer working with music you are welcome to play your own tunes while wearing your headphones or listen to the mellow tunes playing in the background. The on sight management was extremely friendly and welcomed me with a smile which is of course their duty, but what I have noticed is that they are able to share that smile with everyone throughout the entire day.  The fully fitted kitchen and beautiful interiors is every woman’s dream and if you are a coffee addict like me you would absolutely enjoy the bottomless coffee ranging from lattes to espressos and much more.  Most of the time I packed lunch from home which was a great idea because I really didn’t feel like leaving this place  to get lunch and could conveniently dish it in a plate,  pop it into the microwave  and indulge with a knife and fork all supplied by Work & Co. They also have lockers available for all your belongings should you decide to step out.
The other thing that really captivated me was the offices which can be branded with your business signage should you decide to stay for much longer, meaning you are marketing to a different community all the time as so many different people enter daily. There is another part to Work & Co on the 14th floor which you have to you to discover. Throughout the entire time I felt extremely safe and often left my belongs unattended which makes it an even better work environment as you don’t have to be on guard 24/7.
Most days I would aim to leave at 4pm but here I didn’t feel like going home and only left this work space after 6pm every day. Sometimes we need a small change, a better view of our city and all the perks of Work & Co! :-)

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! 
With Love, Light and Blessings

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SMAK is an ideal environment for businessmen and women to have a lunch meeting or for friends to meet for coffee with breakfast.

The SMAK concept allows customers to enjoy a leisurely meal in the heart of Cape Town but for those in a rush, the go-to gourmet sandwich bar is a quick and easy fix.
The SMAK deli display is filled with local and imported cold meats and cheeses with freshly baked breads to complement the array. SMAK also offers homemade patisseries to indulge in. 

** Please note SMAK does not have a liquor license as yet, but patrons are welcome to bring their own alcohol.

Trading hours:
Monday - Friday 7am until 5pm
Saturdays 9am until 3pm
Sundays closed
**Open every 1st Thursday from 6pm-10pm

Contact info:
Shop 3, 22 Bree Street, Cape Town
(021) 824 5023
Instagram: @SMAKDeli
Twitter: @SMAKDeli
Facebook: SMAKDeli

I would love to hear all about your SMAK experiences, please share them with me via twitter @Miss2Beesy  

Thank you for stopping by!
 With Love, Light and Blessings 

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A few essential items to pack for traveling.

26 November 2015
Hey guys!
I am writing this with great excitement in my heart and every part of my being. Holidays are finally here and I hope you will be ending off this year knowing that you obtained and achieved everything you planned at the beginning of this year. If not, there are still a few weeks left to fit it in.

I however, have had a rather fulfilling year and can say that I have completed a few things on my list. I soon will be embarking on a new adventure which is a start of many travel stories to share. I thought of showing off what I have packed in my carry on.  To me this is important as I do not want to forget anything I need at home which I have to end up buying, especially if I will be flying for a few hours.


Camera: This is a must! Particularly if I would like to upload some great images to the blog of the amazing sceneries and after all, pictures are memories captured.

Notebook and pen: To jot down anything that inspires me while flying.

Scarf: You cannot go without this versatile accessory, mainly if you’re going to a place where the climate is very different to what you’re use to or if you’re spending long hours at the airport.
Cosmopolitan Magazine: I have to keep on trend with the latest fashion and while flying is probably the best time to do so.

iPhone and Charger: You definitely need to stay connected to the world via social media, specifically Instagram when visiting another city. I believe if there are no posts, to me, it never happened.

Vita Coco Coconut water: Good if you want to stay hydrated. Try this before and after your flight.
Havaianas Flip Flops: Once again, you might not always know what the weather would be like when you land and if you’re like me, feel suffocated easily then these are handy. They are super flat and very easy to pack.

Sunscreen: This is a must no matter where you go, not forgetting some lip balm to prevent your lips from cracking due to change of climate. I packed this in the little Go Beauty purse along with other travel size facial wipes and creams.

Make-Up Purse: Light make-up will do the job, like some lipstick and mascara. You could always do your full routine once you have landed and arrived safely at your destination.

This is my carry on in a nutshell and soon I will be sharing more of my journey.
Tweet at me (@miss2beesy) to share your travel experience.
Thank you for reading. 

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Mangwanani African Ritual at Mangwanani Spa, The Cullinan Hotel 
18 November 2015

Hey guys!
I cannot believe that it’s this time of year again, I can hear my  mom and dad speaking about their end of year “breaking-up” functions  that will be held at their work places in the other room while writing this post.  It brings up a whole lot of festive emotions from within me and reminds me of all the preparations that will  be done leading up to Christmas.
 By now you are probably wrestling out of bed in the morning and dragging your feet trying to carry on with your day-to-day have to do’s. I know exactly how you feel as I carry all the year’s hard work on my shoulders too. Well, that was before I visited the Mangwanani African Spa, known as the Original day spa. Somaya, our lucky reader who entered and won our giveaway had the opportunity to visit this enchanting spa with me. We were booked in for a Korean full body sixty minute exfoliator scrub and a thirty minute neck and back massage at The Cullinan Hotel. After all, we need to feel rejuvenated and get rid of all the dead skin before we start getting our golden summer tan.  I am also sure you agree with me that if you have been a busy bee all year long you should reward yourself with treats and treatments of your choice, and Mangwanani spa is just the place for that.

After we checked into the amazing venue with a rustic feel interior and a restaurant overlooking the poolside, we got ready to soak into a bubbling bath. This was to relax before entering the massage room where all the scrubbing took place which left our skin silky soft and smooth. We then went for a quick rinse and got ready for our massage. At this stage, Somaya and I were already on cloud nine and ready for all the knots to be rubbed out.  The friendly therapist showed us to the room where our massages took place and we each laid down in a soft warm massage bed.  They gently applied all the essential oils to our bodies to commence our massage.  My eyes closed to enjoy every moment with soft tunes sounding, like the waves of the ocean as I entered my happy place.

We left extremely relaxed and Somaya mentioned that she will definitely return with this being the perfect gift to give, or receive.

Thank you for reading and may you have a great time leading up to the festive season. 

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5 Things I do to stay healthy while living a busy lifestyle.

21 October 2015

I know by now you might be thinking how does this girl keep up? Doesn’t she feel burnt out already? Or this chick is too over the place lol… 

Well, I thought of doing this post to share my routines and also to remind myself that these things are actually very important. We sometimes forget that in order to reach our optimal potential we need to take care of ourselves or else we would feel as if we are going forward but, ultimately not achieving. 
On the top of my list, I have sleep… now you might think that this isn’t needed. However, this is the most crucial part for our bodies. This process allows our heart and blood vessels to be repaired and is when the body takes the time to heal. There was a time when my mom begged me to sleep and when I did she would compliment me on taking the time to rest lol. Now I prefer resting before committing myself to things and ensure that I take my power naps between. 

 Eating well is one of the other very important factors and this would include not skipping meals which was something I use to do on a regular basis. I had to decide that my well-being is much more important than the feeling of completing tasks. Now, I make sure to eat regular meals throughout the day and have fallen in love with food all over again. 

Water is my absolute source of life. I would honestly prefer water over fruit juices and other drinks which only look good in pictures for Instagram. I tend to feel very frustrated if I cannot get some water in time to quench my thirst due to forgetting my water bottle at home for some or other reason. Even at restaurants I would always request a glass of water before enjoying my meal and after. Why? It’s just a habit and keeps me hydrated.

I honestly do not see the point in having a healthy body or thinking of putting good stuff into your body but not feed your brain with positive things. To me, my brain is seen as a saw… and whenever I read, research or to renew what I already might know is seen as sharpening the saw. I always find ways to feed my mind by feasting my eyes on words I randomly see in my environment.

Then lastly, “me time” … you might have previously read my post about   this topic or factor in my life. This to me is absolutely crucial and will not postpone this date with myself for anything. I often plan it beforehand because, I treat this date with myself as a priority like any other appointment. Me time would consist of various activities which I enjoy. Whether it is a long relaxing walk, doing my nails by myself, soaking my feet, watching my favorite series/ movie or being alone all by myself. These things also give me time to reflect on my life and also time to mediate in various ways.
I know this might not be the usual beauty review or fashion post but hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my views and way of life with you.

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My Mangwanani African Day Spa ,Three Cities  Mandela Rhodes Place

 Spa Experience 

18 September 2015

Hi everyone 

I hope you are ready to sit back, relax and grab a cuppa tea to enjoy this new scoop on my latest experience at Mangwanani African Spa at the Three Cities Mandela Rhodes Place situated in Wale Street Cape Town.  I was recently appointed as a Mangwanani brand ambassador and I am extremely thankful for this opportunity. Beesy bees you can be sure to find the latest news and reviews about the renowned spa brand right here.
On Thursday 10th September, 2015 at about 12pm mid-day I popped into the spa for my pre-booked sixty minute full body massage. I received a warm welcome from all staff members and could actually recall that when Justin and I visited the Zevenwacht branch we received a very warm welcome there too. This to me meant that Mangwanani sets the same high standard at all the branches no matter where you go, which is exactly the type of service I like.
I was then escorted to the dining area and received a well come drink of my choice. Thereafter, the therapist who was going to perform my massage handed me the review sheet. She ensured that I was feeling comfortable and then directed me to where my treatment was going to take place. With calming sounds and soothing senses I entered an all-white room with rose petals on the bed. This once again proved to me that Managawani spa pays close attention to detail; after all, it’s those types of things that make everything extra special. I then undressed and laid down ready for my massage. I chose Medium to Hard pressure with the calming oil. While being rubbed from every toe to my head I felt at home and at peace and almost fell asleep lol. In ending my treatment she used some hot stones and gently placed them in a very therapeutic motion. Softly whispered the procedure and politely said that I can take my time to get dressed etc.

This has been my second Mangwanani experience and I can assure you that it will definitely not be the last. After this visit I didn’t even feel like leaving the spa and wished I could stay there forever. I am hoping to take advantage of this amazing relax, renew and refresh offer they are currently running. 

Sounds good hay? Why not book today? :-) 
Thanks for reading but, before you go have a look at the terms of this offer. 

Terms and Conditions of this offer:

Offer only applicable from receipt of this mailer
All prices are subject to their corresponding branch/es for the dates as displayed in the mailer/picture.
Bookings must be made, paid prior to arrival and taken up on or before 30 September 2015.
The Offer is only available at Mangwanani Boutique and Mbali Spas .
Specials are only available midweek (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and weekends, excluding public holidays.
Package Vouchers cannot be used for payment.
All of the above are subject to availability.
Mangwanani has a strict no refunds policy.
Cancellation of bookings or no show will result in a 100% forfeit of the full booking value.
Rescheduling 5 days before your booking will carry a 10% administration fee, which is payable when rescheduling.
Rescheduling 3 days before your booking will carry a 25% administration fee, which is payable when rescheduling.
Rescheduling within 3 days of your booking will result in 100% forfeit of the booking value.
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer.
Vouchers cannot be purchased for special offers.
Offer not applicable for existing bookings.
Not applicable for groups of more than 10.
No Commissions payable to booking agent.


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06 August 2015
Hi guys!

I hope are all still surviving the cold and keeping warm.  Most of the time in this weather conditions we tend to want to cuddle up and just lay in bed. However, if you are a Beesy Bee like Zaheerah you would know that it’s actually better to remain active and get the blood flowing, it’s amazing how much warmer we get when moving around. This is great because you can be productive and get tons of things done without feeling the cold. Therefore Zaheerah (Miss2Beesy Guest Blogger) decided to put together a little DIY insert for you guys in case you are looking for some chic ideas to get your space looking all pretty before spring.
To recreate this vintage desk she got from her grandparents,she bought all the required material from Bright’s, a local hardware store.
She used the following:
1 x 750ml Chalk paint (harlequin chalk paint)        R  150.00
1 x 750ml Finishing Wax (harlequin chalk wax)     R  80.00
1 x Standard Paint brush                                           R  30.00
Fine Sand-Paper
A vintage desk or any piece of old furniture you would like to recreate
Old pure cotton t-shirt
A damp cloth

Before you get started it’s better to prepare your working space, especially if you are doing it in your room. Therefore place some old newspaper sheets on the floor in case of any paint spills etc. Ensure that you have all your equipment by hand and that you wearing some comfortable clothes that you can mess on.
1         Clean the surface of your furniture with a damp cloth to remove any dust. Sand papering is optional and don’t forget to remove all hardware e.g. Draw nobs etc.

2         Apply the first coat of chalk paint in a straight line moving in an up and downwards motion.

3         Cover the entire surface of the desk or piece of furniture with the first coat of chalk paint and allow drying for an hour maximum.

4         Once dried you may begin with the second coat of chalk paint and apply it in the same up and downwards motion. The second coat is used to cover any of the original color of the furniture piece, adding water to the paint will allow the consistency to become easier to apply. Allow to dry for +- 1 hour.

5         Use sand-paper to distress all edges of the furniture piece- to give it an antique finish or rustic look. Basically distress any place that you feel will damage quickly.

6         Apply finishing wax with a cotton cloth or old sweat shirt. It is easier to apply the wax in a circular motion. Once you have covered the entire furniture piece, you may buff the entire piece, in an up and downward motion (same motion you used when chalk paint was applied).
7     Lastly add your decor that you would like to display. 
This only cost a total of R 260.00 to create a brand new chic looking desk and still have left over paint and wax. She will be recreating other pieces of furniture in her room as well with the remaining material which will be seen in our next post.
We hope you enjoyed it!
You can follow Zaheerah Allie on Instagram to see more of her creative side.
Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Nasreen Bapoo Somatologist 

At Genesis Wellness 

17 June 2015

Hi Everyone!
I am just stopping by to share my recent Genesis Wellness experience which I was treated to. Nasreen Bapoo invited me to the centre to be spoiled with a complimentary massage of my choice. What a blessing! Right? I finally took time out after just finishing my semester exams and headed to the centre situated right opposite N1 City Shopping mall, Cape Town. I arrived at the centre and met with the soft spoken warm hearted Nasreen the beauty therapist and somatologist. 
She took me to the room to get my treatment done which was nice and warm and calm, they made me feel relaxed and at home. She explained to me the procedures which I liked as I am someone who likes being well informed and know exactly what to expect. As Nasreen explained everything to me I could see that she is extremely well trained and knowledgeable on what she is doing. The very skilled somatologist is constantly kept updated with the latest treatments by attending various courses in this field. 
Nasreen allowed me to undress and get comfortable after making me decide from a Swedish 60min full body massage to a 30min neck and back massage and a 30min foot massage. I thought this was a wise decision, she allowed me to tell her my problem areas or areas which I felt was the most tensed up and advised the treatment which is most suitable for that. This to me shows once again how knowledgeable she is and how much interest she shows in her clients. The massage was a complete dream come true lol, I didn't even feel like getting up.  I felt so good from the depth of my soul and as light as a feather but burping non-stop as my body was getting rid of all the toxins. Her technique was not too hard nor to soft and the instrumental music added to the experience. She uses a range of natural spa products which caters for all the needs of various clients.
This was the very first time I discovered Genesis Wellness Centre which you are able to find all wellness needs under one roof. I think this is perfect for a typical busy bee such as me, various services such as a physiotherapist to sports therapists and more are all on offer under one roof.  You could follow the latest news and updates on their Facebook page or email to book your beauty treatment. Enjoy!
Thank you for reading and feel free to comment below and let me know what you think. 

18 MAY 2015

Hello my busy bees lol (I am getting to use to saying this on social media that I am even using it over here. Soon it's going to get so boring ... so have to think of new names lol but anyhow), I actually would just like to share my newest experience with you.

Justin called me yesterday and suggested that we go for a jog later the afternoon. I immediately agreed and lifted my spirit right there and then. You guys must probably think this gal is totally out of her mind or if you are into keeping fit then you should know the feeling. I haven’t been training or been to a gym for about six months and have been ignoring the thought of getting back into shape for a long while. However, I was extremely fortunate to meet Rushtush at the VADA (Claiming the throne) event and listen to her speech. She spoke to all the women about our bodies and how to take care of it which I enjoyed thoroughly. I was even fortunate enough to speak to her afterwards and told her how I am feeling and she said "your body misses movement". That was a huge wake up call for me and I agreed to what she said one hundred percent.

Justin suggested that we jog along sea point area and making use of the public gym. We arrived just before 4pm and the weather was amazing with not even a wind. I felt extremely free and I knew that was where I needed to be right there and then. We did some stretching and thereafter made use of the equipment that is available at the Sea Point outdoor gym. This was so much fun, yet I could feel that every part of my body muscles is working the way it should. I have to admit that I became tired and started to moan, but knowingly told myself about the rewards at the end (Oh and the KAUAI Soothie lol). Justin taught me some jiu-jitsu lol which is great for self-defense and something you can certainly find out some more about over on MMAFundi.

I wore my Nike running shoes I purchased last year at a mark down price of R400.00 at the Nike Factory shop and paired it with a yoga pants I got from Pick n Pay clothing on sale for R75.00. All of this made me realize that sometimes we just extremely lazy and we are so disobedient to our body. Listening to your body would make you feel much happier. I often have the excuse that I do not have the proper clothing or that sports clothes are too expensive, but that is just one of the many excuses. Keeping fit does not have to be another expense on our list and we should start telling ourselves that.

So how do you keep moving throughout the day? Leave your comment below or feel free to chat over on snap chat @miss2beesy. ;-) 

Picture from :

 I wore: 
Nike Trainers 
Vogue Eye-wear 
Pick n Pay Clothing Yoga Pants 
Cotton On Vest 

Thank You for stopping by!
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Let's be off to Mangwanani!

I thought of doing one huge throwback and allow me to reminisce about my amazing afternoon/evening spent at Mangwanani Day Spa. Justin Smith my main guy surprised me with an awesome gift that allowed me to indulge in a heavenly experience. He booked us an evening getaway at one of the Mangwanani Original African Day Spa branch situated right on the top of the  Zewenwacht Wine Estate and yes, on top so, this means no network connection.
I tried to not let that get me down as I just knew I was in for  a real treat. On arrival we were treated like royalty  with some champagne and traditional African dancing to the beat of the drums. This really added some rhythm to the evening  and set us in a true African spirit. Our robes were given to us, Justin and I departed separately to freshen up and change into our spa attire.
We entered into the relaxing spa main hall for some snacks and waited to hear what the Mangawanani Moon light Night Spa had install for us. While sipping on some wine we were told that our first treatment would be a full body massage. OMW! This was just what the doctor had ordered! I just finished all my assignments for the semester that week and really needed it. Thereafter, we had a delicious dinner and dessert which was  a slice of chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream for me and Justin opted for the yummy cheesecake.While enjoying our dessert the ladies at the spa did some traditional performances for us along with the rest of the guests. They entertained us with a few items before wishing Justin and I on our anniversary. Yes, Justin was so cute he told them upon making his booking that we are coming to celebrate our anniversary. Mangwanani Spa is so amazing that they cater for this as well by singing a special song when celebrating a special occasion and presents you with a gift too. How awesome is that?? We received a voucher as a gift from the spa as they wished us well on this occasion.
AYISENTLE (it’s beautiful)

The evening sadly came to an end as we were offered some chocolates and a nightcap of our choice being hot chocolate , coffee or even a cream liqueur lol. I swear every woman deserves to have this kind of experience, whether it's with their girlfriends or her significant other. We finished off with a foot massage and head and shoulder massage which literally made me fall asleep.
It was a wonderful  experience and now I can not wait to experience it during the day so that I can relax in the pool and enjoy the scenic views over  the Cape. I feel rejuvenated and able to look at life through renewed eyes and spirit. 
If you have visited one of these spa branches or had a spa day , then please share your experience with me by commenting below. To find out more about this spa and their products check their web site or the Mangwanani Facebook page. 

Thank You for reading :) 

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