I hope you enjoyed the look of Miss2Beesy thus far and feel a little inspired, motivated or even excited about something around you. It might have unlocked some kind of creative energy or may have made you feel more positive than before. That is exactly, what Miss2Beesy is all about!

When I am not exuding my passion for all of this I  am a Bcom accounting student, entrepreneur and brand ambassador. The Miss2Beesy Brand originated from the desire to still keep my creative energy flowing through my love for fashion. After many limiting thoughts ran through my mind I eventually took a giant leap of faith and dived right in. This space is my medicated dose of creative art  for my mind, body and soul away from my everyday busy routines. I believe in counting my blessings which enriches me daily and being able to have the strength to do everything I do truly shows, that God is present. 

Overall, my mission is to bring you nothing, but the best and exclusive style trends and news, product reviews, event coverage, giveaways and other lifestyle inserts. It's your quick dose of on trend updates while still keeping up with a busy schedule.

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With Light, Love and Blessings.
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